Bacon Cupcakes (almost)

And so the bacon spreads…

Hot on the heels of our successful experiments with bacon brownies and bacon cinnamon rolls, I decided that I was going to try to make bacon cupcakes. And I will… eventually. But first I did a little search to see if anyone else had already done it. I thought I might find a good recipe to try or perhaps a warning against trying such a concoction.

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Sure enough, it’s out there. The trusty San Francisco Yelp had a little blurb about some maple bacon cupcakes from the Cups and Cakes Bakery. According to one reader, “Jesus has returned in the form of a half-dollar sized Maple Bacon cupcake.” Bold statement. Delicious nonetheless, I’m sure.

Have any of you been up to the Bay recently? Try one for yourself and send us a Smaste™ rating.

— Mike

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