Bacon Crumbles? Yes, Please!

January 17, 2011 5:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

The Food Hound, one of the cool cooking blogs we’ve discovered in recent weeks, covers a lot of interesting territory. Looking for great food photography, recipes and cooking ideas? You’ll get that kind of stuff here.

It may shock you to no end (sarcasm alert!), but we couldn’t help but drool onto our keyboards recently when we spotted this bacon-laced recipe by The Food Hound for a great winter soup. Butternut-jalapeño bisque with bacon crumbles is the type of cold-weather dish that comforts souls on cold winter nights. Or on warmer nights. This is just bisque, and it’s your choice.

But this is also a bisque that’s packed with some sophisticated flavors. Better yet, it doesn’t look tough to make, and everything on the ingredient list is available in most groceries and markets.

That includes the bacon. Yes, the bacon. The Food Hound is careful to note that the crumbled bacon bits aren’t just a cool-looking garnish for the finished soup. The bacon is that final “pop” that pushes the dish over the top. This is a winter soup with a blend of creamy, luxurious texture, deep root-vegetable flavor, and the bonus savory boost of crispy bacon. We like that.

The Food Hound’s recipe is another reason why bacon is so great in the kitchen: It’s a great flavor base when starting a recipe. It’s also good enough to be a standalone side dish. Plus bacon has that mysterious quality that makes it a great final touch to a dish. How many foods can give you all that?

Check it out, fellow baconistas. Try making The Food Hound’s butternut-jalapeño bisque with bacon crumbles. Let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you!

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