Bacon Cotton Candy Need We Say More?

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Special thanks to fellow Baconista; David Erdreich, who pointed this recipe out to us, which he found at the online version of Plate Magazine, the culinary chef & foodie heavenly hang-out on the internet.

Imagine combining two of our all time favorite taste treats from childhood, gourmet bacon and cotton candy together in a combo concoction that is sure to get every tongue within smelling distance happily wagging.

The recipe itself comes to us from Chef Linton Hopkins, who is big part of what makes the whole “Holeman & Finch” Public House such a hugely popular success, down in Atlanta, Ga.

If you are not aware of the concept of what they are doing down at the Holeman and Finch Public House with design, layout, attitude and socially interactive focus during delicious, gourmet meals, as well as some basic, down home good eats, please definitely check them out online at the above link!

And now …without any further ado, introducing, Bacon Cotton Candy!

Bacon Cotton Candy

(Yield: 10 gallons)

Isomalt: 200 g

Glucose: 50 g

Sucroester: 3 g

Smoked bacon fat: 120 g

Monodyglycerides: 3 g

Granulated sugar: 200 g

Candied Bacon: as needed (may we suggest1lb. for starters)


Combine the isomalt, glucose and sucroester and cook to 160 degrees C.

As the caramel is cooking, dissolve the monodyglycerides into the fat heated to 50 degrees C.

When the caramel temperature reaches 160 degrees C, drizzle in the oil and stir to bind with a spatula.

When the caramel has absorbed the fat, spread the mixture out on a non-stick silicone mat.

Allow it to cool and become hard.

Combine the candy and sugar in a food processor and pulverize the candy into a fine powder.

Use the powder in place of sugar to spin into cotton candy in a machine, using the manufacturer’s instructions.

Wrap the cotton candy around strip of candied bacon.

Pig out!

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