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May 25, 2010 12:18 am Published by 2 Comments

The fine folks over at Boca Java sent us over a bag of their special “artisan roasted coffee” flavor Maple Bacon Morning™ to get our opinion. Well, let me start off by saying WOW — that’s a mighty fine coffee!

I had some family in town so I thought what a better way to taste test a maple bacon coffee flavor then on a bunch of folks too polite to say no. I brewed up the first batch of Maple Bacon Morning™ and just as the coffee maker started to drip I heard the first “What is that? It smells like…maple syrup!” comment. The news trickled throughout the rooms of the house as quickly as the maple smell reached the noses of the family members. Their interest was peaked and a line was forming around the coffee pot.

This particular brew of coffee is on the light side, which matches up perfectly with the hint of maple syrup taste. While there is not actual bacon flavor noticeable, this coffee does make a perfect compliment for a bacon-enriched breakfast as my family & I certainly proved on the morning of my little experiment.

We had pancakes, eggs, and thick-cut bacon with a side of toast and with the addition of Maple Bacon Morning™ coffee, no one left the table disappointed. In fact, they asked where they could get a bag for themselves.

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  • Nina says:

    Take away the eggs, and I’d nibble on that ’til next week. I’d like to try that maple-bacon-coffee myself. :3

  • The Pope... From TV says:

    It’s as if pork and beans go together once again. Pour me up a piece of that.

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