Bacon Chocolate Peeps

You’ve probably heard of those sugar-coated brightly colored marshmallow birds of Easter joy. But have you heard of a way to make them even better? Add bacon! Seriously, add the bacon.
Of course you need to throw in some chocolate for extra delicious flavor (and so those bacon bits can stick to that little chicky butt).
It may sound a little overwhelming, but we assure you- the result is sweet, salty goodness.

Melting Chocolate
Baking sheet or Baking pan
A pot of water

What you need to do:
Fry, bake, or microwave the bacon. Doesn’t matter how you cook it- you can even cook it to your own preference. You like chewy? Go ahead. Crunchy, crispy, and blackened? Eww… but go ahead! When your bacon is all cooked and cooled, chop the bacon up into bits.
Boil the water in the pot, and then put the bowl of chocolates over the steam to melt the chocolate.
Once you have the chocolate melted, dunk your Peeps into the chocolate to cover the bottom and tail of the peep. You can actually cover as much of the Peep as you’d like if you’re a big chocolate fan.
Afterward put the bacon on the tail of the Peep then place the Peep on the Baking sheet to cool.
Repeat with as many Peeps as you’d like.


And there you have it! Bacon Chocolate Peeps! Have fun with the many different colors of Peeps and really make people notice your… Peeps!

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