Bacon Challenge 2010

January 9, 2010 12:01 am Published by 1 Comment

Fred S. wrote in to tell us about a new event taking place on Wikipedia. Yes, an event on Wikipedia.

Bacon Challenge 2010 is disorganized at best as of the writing of this article, but the promise of the promise of this event shows definite promise. (I promise.)

As best as we can tell, Bacon Challenge 2010 is a community-based event for which people will write “as many bacon related articles as possible.” The article goes on to state that,

The official scope of the project is bacon related articles, but it is open to wide interpretation. Restaurants that serve bacon, imitation bacon alternatives, authors, books and notable writings that discuss bacon, bacon oriented artists and artworks, non-food related bacon uses and products, companies involved with bacon, and of course bacon foods are all welcome (it is unclear whether people and places named Bacon qualify, but this event is pretty Ignore All the Rules friendly, so we’ll see what happens…).

Now, BT has ALWAYS been ignore-all-the-rules-friendly, so if only for that reason alone, we love this concept. Be sure to check back to the Bacon Challenge 2010 page throughout 2010 for updates and bacony goodness.

— Mr. B

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  • kathyberdahl says:

    I am happy to partake in the challenge, as I have many great stories about bacon to share. I like to eat bacon, play with bacon, fry bacon and my Favorite position in Pigmania has always been “Makin Bacon”. I would eat bacon on a stick, in a house, with a mouse, on a box, with a fox. Bacon is the cornerstone of American Civilization. I see a world where Bacon is honored and revered, and cooked and eaten without shame. Its a world of peace-loving bacon lovers, joining greasy hands and singing the praises of bacon-covered bacon. If there is one among you who dost not like bacon, be gone!

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