Bacon Burger Challenge at The Counter

img_00641Today the office gauntlet was thrown down and the chosen competitor was once again our good buddy Scott (the guy who eats spam with bacon a whole can at a time).

The mission: A massive menagerie of burger fixings at The Counter restaurant

The ingredients: Just about everything the restaurant could stack on the burger, including tasty bacon of course

The cost: around $30 for a single hamburger

The deal: If Scott finished the burger in one hour or less, he didn’t have to pay for the meal

The result: Scott did in fact finish the massive bacon-rich burger in only 32 minutes and left the restaurant with both a full stomach and a full wallet

Amazingly, Scott said he felt fine after finishing the meal and successfully completing the challenge. He gave the bacon a Smaste™ rating of 38.542, a very high mark especially since the meat candy was competing against so many other flavors in the burger.

The staff at The Counter was quite impressed with Scott’s acheivement. The chefs, manager, all the wait staff…they all came over to congratulate Scott on a job well done. The Bacon Today staff follows suit and salutes Scott and his efforts.

Next week’s event — the Fatburger Triple King Challenge. Wish us luck.

img_00661 img_00751

8 thoughts on “Bacon Burger Challenge at The Counter”

  1. Good Lord, how did one guy–who doesn’t even look like a fat guy!–manage to finish that entire thing in one sitting?!?

  2. That’s me in the photo, the proud server of said hamburguesa. This was a glimmer of hope in my professional career. Scott is an artist, no doubt. A guy a-l-m-o-s-t beat his record about an hour later but could not finish. Three cheers for our hero and God Bless America!

  3. Scott is an animal… He smoked that lunch yesterday at another place (soon to be posted) He’s unstoppable!

    I once even watched him drink a gallon of milk in 15 minutes…


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