Bacon Burger Challenge at The Counter – Phase 2

May 15, 2009 12:01 am Published by 1 Comment

You may remember Scott’s last epic burger challenge at The Counter. Well, this week he was at it again and about 10 folks came along to witness the event (and eat some tasty burgers at The Counter).


Look at that burger. Bask in it’s glorious girth. Soak in the amazing awe-inspiring awesomeness.

That’s one pound of all-beef patties, one-pound of chicken breasts, one pound of turkey patties, and for garnish…one pound of veggie patties. Mixed amongst the patties were strips of thick, crisp bacon.

The 10 of us who descended upon The Counter to watch Scott take down another monster burger ordered some pretty tasty burgers ourselves. Those among us who had our burgers built with bacon were extremely impressed with the meat candy’s quality, flavor and presentation. Take a look at a few examples of other bacon burgers consumed during Scott’s challenge:

burger01-turkey burger02-classic burger03

Unfortunately, I had to leave a bit early and didn’t get to witness the end of Scott’s amazing burger challenge. When I left the burger was well on it’s way to being only a memory, although I heard rumors that this challenge might have been just a bit too much of a good thing for Scott to finish. Even if he didn’t complete the entire meal, it was a valiant effort for certain.


For his efforts, Scott was rewarded with a nifty polo shirt from The Counter. I’m sure he’ll wear it proudly when he takes on the next bacon-infused eating challenge.


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  • Bacon Today Mike says:

    Are you telling me that Scott didn’t rock a pound of bacon to match the pounds of all those other meats?

    I’m disappointed.

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