Bacon Brownies

Bacon and brownie lovers unite! Yes, you’re seeing it correctly. Bacon has decided to mate with the chocolate brownie and the offspring is so adorably delicious, you’ll have the words “Nom Nom Nom” running through your head. It’s the ultimate confection for stoners and bacon lovers alike.

First you need bacon. Use as many strips as you would like. This recipe has 4 strips. You may as well cook all the bacon because even if you don’t use all the strips in your brownies, you’ll still want to snack on them while making this delicacy.

Next, you need to get the brownie mix. Use your favorite. Be fancy and get the Turtle Brownie mix. This mix comes with a bag of caramel to pour on top of your mix. Delish!

Next up, eggs and vegetable oil.

Okay, time to get down to it.

1) Pre-heat your oven to 350°F.

2) Grease a 13”x9” baking pan. (8” and 9” square pans will also work just fine.)

3) Heat up a frying pan. Pre-cook some bacon for about 3 minutes per side. Not too much – you don’t want to totally fry it, you just want to get it a little past raw. Raw is bad for taste as well as for your intestinal tract. The bacon should just be starting to brown and might be a little crispy.

4) When the bacon is ready, set it aside on a plate lined with paper towels to help drain some of the grease.

5) Following the directions on the box, combine the brownie mix, vegetable oil, water and eggs.

6) When the batter is ready, pour slightly less than half of it into the pan.

7) Now add the bacon. You can go as big or as small as you would like. That’s the great thing about bacon – there’s no wrong amount unless you don’t have enough!

8) Now add the rest of the brownie batter on top of the bacon. Be sure to cover it all up.

9) A little tasty caramel to finish it off.

10) It’s ready for the oven, so take another look at the box and bake it for however long it says. Betty Crocker suggested 27 minutes, but these were done in just 22.

11) Let the brownies cool for a few minutes, then dig in! Yep, it’s good isn’t it?

Bacon Brownies are a definite must in the bacon and dessert world. You can’t call yourself a bacon lover until you’ve tasted these.

Life is good. Bacon is better.

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  1. The only way bacon brownies could be better is if you used one of these

    Its the best brownie pan ever, for those that love the edges and the corners. I have one, its awesome.

    Sunday I had a bacon and sharp cheddar waffle at O’Groats restaurant. Also highly recommended for Smaste evaluation.

  2. I think you could bump up that smaste rating by substituting some of that wonderful rendered bacon fat that you just created for some of the veg oil.

    and maybe breaking up the bacon? did the brownies stay together pretty well with that chunk of bacon in the middle? was the bacon crispy or still chewy?

    i know what i’m doing this weekend…

    keep up the good work.

  3. I did this a couple months ago, but with a slight change. (Other than my preference for the Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate mix!) For the oil in the recipe, use the bacon grease, and add vegetable oil if you have to to get the right amount. Spread the bacony goodness! I also tore it up into more manageable bacon-bits type pieces.

  4. I just made a batch of these, only with regular fudge brownie mix… oh my goodness… DELICIOUS! I’m actually not sure how I’m gonna box up half of them and send them to a friend. Making a sugar-free variety this weekend for my diabetic brother. I’ll report on them as well!

  5. Sigh… WHY would you do waste all that good bacon on brownie mix? For god’s sakes, mix up a batch o’ scratch brownies… really about as easy as a mix. Google the Katharine Hepburn one. I like that, because it doesn’t have too much flour to muck up your chocolate and butter. Double or triple the vanilla extract. Add your bacon. Call me to say thanks.
    I’m going to try this. I may even break out the awesome chocolate and not just the Baker’s.

  6. Making my fourth batch of these bad boys as of this writing. Have tried them with buttercup brownies, chocolate fudge, and the caramel as in the recipe. OHH! Amazing. Everyone at work loves them. I have random people wandering over to my stall(I’m an auto tech) looking glossy eyed and drooling, asking me for a taste(or is that a Smaste?)that heard about my new love affair word of mouth. Thank you thank you thank you!

  7. ohhhhhhhhh sweet bacon, with sweeeeeeeeeeet chocolate, i could almost or**** over that 😀

    love bacon and cake GREAT IDEA 🙂


  9. I love bacon brownies and everytime I bring them somewhere, everyone raves about them. One suggestion which I found very helpful – after I cook the bacon, I set it too cool and drain, then using a scissor, I cut it into small pieces and mix it into the brownie mix! Works great. Also recently added chopped, fresh jalapeno’s to the mix! Dana Vigilante

  10. I first made bacon brownies a year and a half ago the very way described here… a few batches later (I have some finishing in the oven at this moment), I now cook the bacon crispy and when it has cooled I crumble it into bits, removing the gristly parts. I mixed this right in with the brownie mix in hopes to get a better bacon-effervescence.


  11. I actually used the Betty Crocker non-Hershey’s turtle mix and they were great. In addition to the bacon, I greased the glass pan with the bacon drippings. I cut my bacon into little strips and peppered them through out the brownies. Couldn’t tell the difference between the walnuts and the bacon until you bit into them.

    This weekend there is a beer and bacon tasting at one of the local pubs. 5 different craft brews and 5 different bacon dishes in 2 hours.


  12. I’m trying to perfect this recipe from scratch (I’m on my fifth revision). I’m finding you really need to compensate for the additional grease the bacon adds to the recipe by cutting your butter or oil by a third otherwise, they tend to be too greasy. I agree with the other posters about cutting up the bacon–much better product in the end. I suggest mincing it and then cooking it until the pieces are barely crisp and then draining it, stirring it into the batter at the end. And definitely use the bacon grease instead of butter when flouring the baking pan to add more flavor. For some kick, I add a chopped chipotle pepper in adobo sauce (a scant tablespoon worth for a standard 9 x 9 pan recipe) stirred in at the end as well.

  13. Had a craving to look up recipes for bacon brownies after watching Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” show where they mentioned bacon brownies.

    It was just last year that I started hearing about using bacon mixed with sweet foods. I made a batch of bacon fudge for Thanksgiving. It was ok for a bite or two, but I quickly decided I preferred the plain variety. However, because the recipe also called for maple extract, I have since started adding maple extract (but no bacon) to my fudge and I’m really digging it!

    Bacon appetit!

  14. I’m guessing if you like bacon brownies, you’d seriously dig bacon & chocolate chip cookies. The company Bacon Forever (.com) makes crazy insane Muddy Pig Cookies! I buy like 20 a month :0)

  15. I have been making Bacon delicacies for a little while now, and what i have found (Especially in Cakes and Brownies) that if Im using a mix and substitute the Vegetable Oil with the actual bacon fat… the taste is not only better, but also the consistency! They end up nice and big.

    Tomorrow I am making Bacon Bourbon Caramel Pecan bars and Bacon Baklava for a party. Yay!

    • Hi Andrea, I love your blog!! Can’t wait to try your yummy coconut cake this bean salad looks decouiils too! As your tweet suggested, I’d love to be considered in your drawing!! Have a nice evening Cathy

    • Stephanie: Usually a thicker cut of bacon works best. However, it all depends upon your taste preference. You honestly can not go wrong with the traditional thick-cut Applewood Smoked Bacon. There ARE many different flavors out there so we recommend experimenting for your ultimate favorite!

  16. I’m disappointed bacon people! You cooked a bunch of bacon but didn’t think to replace some of the vegetable oil in the mix recipe with bacon grease. It’s super bacony if you use the bacon grease too.

  17. Made this. Consistency of the bacon was too chewy within the brownies. I would definitely fry the bacon all the way then crumble it and put it into the batter next time(the moisture of the brownie batter seeps into the bacon). Also, I will sub some bacon grease for veg oil, as these don’t really have a bacon flavor at all if you don’t have a piece of bacon in your mouth.


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