Bacon Breakfast Cocktails

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Did you know that there are five Fridays in the month of August? AND five Saturdays. Is there any finer month to have an extra weekend tossed in there? None that I can think of! That’s an extra Friday for extra drinking. And an extra Saturday for extra recovery.

To celebrate a month of Five Fridays, we’ve got TONS of bacon cocktail recipes coming your way! We’ve collaborated with restaurants to get their specialty bacon cocktail recipes that will allow you to re-create these amazing drinks at home this summer.

To start things off, we’re bringing you two delicious breakfast cocktails. Late Sunday morning breakfasts just seem more luxurious in the summer than any other time of the year. These drinks are ideal for serving with pancakes and bacon. Sip one on your patio or deck while perusing the Sunday paper and soaking up the sunshine. They would also be wonderful to wake up to on a camping trip. Make a family reunion breakfast even more special with a celebratory round.

The first recipe is for the “Breakfast of Champions” from Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar in Charlotte, NC. Bad Daddy’s is a chef-driven burger joint that uses a mix of local and artisanal ingredients to make the most amazing burger you’ve ever had. It’s made with muddled orange, Jägermeister, a dash of O.J. and Bitters, Crown Royal Maple whiskey and garnished with Jalapeño Bacon! The taste is like “pancakes in a glass.” And with the bacon garnish, you’ve practically got a full breakfast in a glass!


1 1/2 fl ounces – Crown Royal Maple
1/2 fl oz – Jagermeister
2 dashes – Bitters
1 fl oz orange juice
1 slice orange
1 slice jalapeno bacon skewer


1. In a rocks glass muddle orange slice with bitters and orange juice.
2. Fill glass with ice and add Crown Royal Maple and Jagermeister.
3. Shake well. Garnish with jalapeno bacon skewer.

Breakfast of Champions

Credit: Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, Charlotte NC


The second drink is the Bacon, Coffee and Maple Whiskey Martini by Karen Miner at It’s got coffee, Crown Royal Maple whiskey, milk, Torani syrup and Maple syrup and is garnished with a strip of crispy bacon. With essential morning ingredients like caffeine, sugar and bacon, it truly is “liquid breakfast.” It would be delicious with cinnamon French toast or a stack of pancakes. And more bacon, of course!


Credit: Karen Miner,

Next week will be bourbon-infused cocktails with instructions on the infusing process, so stay tuned!

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