Bacon Bracelets

May 11, 2010 12:09 am Published by 2 Comments

Wonder Woman had powerful bracelets that could protect her against harm. Now your special someone can have some wonderful bracelets all their own.

Now, we’re not saying these bacon bracelets can stop bullets, but combined with the stunning fried egg ring you may very well send shockwaves throughout the fashion community.

Buy your bacon bracelets today.


Thanks to BT reader Gary for the link.

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  • roger clives says:

    who knew! i want my bacon bracelet today!

  • thinks "how cute" says:

    leaves me “speechless” – dont care much for bracelets, especially the orange variety. duct tape bacon caramel pretzel bracelets..ha! watch em pull that one off! (betcha they cant….without a really easy recipe!). im more concerned about chefs on iceskates wearing glitter thongs, and what bacon can do for them.

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