Bacon Beer in Brooklyn Brewery

August 23, 2009 12:01 am Published by 2 Comments


BT fanatic Jono M. wrote in to share an article with us (and you) about a brewery in Brooklyn that has been trying out recipes for bacon beer. You can read the whole article at Grubstreet, but here’s a little taste to whet your whistle…

Holy mother. On Diner’s Journal, Pete Wells hears incredible news from Brooklyn Brewery’s Garrett Oliver. Dude is currently working on a beer that (1) takes barleywine made from malt that’s smoked in the same room as Allan Benton’s bacon and (2) combines it with brown ale that’s been infused, via “fat washing” (mixing a melted fat with alcohol, then chilling the mixture into a solid and skimming it off), with the taste of Benton’s bacon fat…

Once again, I’m stuck in California while there’s an amazing bacon tasting opportunity elsewhere in the world. Either someone needs to step up and sponsor me so that I can roam the planet tasting all things bacon (I’m open to a TV deal!) or one of our NYC Baconites has to step up, get over there, order up a frosty pint of bacon beer and let us all know how it tastes.

It’s up to you, New York (New York).

— Mike

Photo Credit: Lovingly borrowed from Bacon Haikus

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