Bacon Bean Dip

Bacon Bean Dip

Bacon Bean Dip

This recipe was submitted to us by our friend Michael J. Kirrene IV and this is what he has to say about this delicious recipe:

Years ago while dating my wife, I attended one of her family’s famous BBQ parties which consisted of lots of family and friends, food, and drinks which always lead to an all-day affair of good times. My wife’s mother, a transplant from the Michoacán region of Mexico, who developed her excellent cooking skill from the guidance of her beloved mother, presented a bowl of what looked like a bowl of refried beans and chips.

As soon as she walked away everyone started devouring the bowl of mashed beans. Before the bowl emptied, I grabbed a chip and dug in. What an explosion of flavors; rich, salty, meaty, smoky and slightly sweet with a touch of heat on the tongue. It was absolutely delicious. I almost eat the second bowl all by myself. Years later I found out the dip was from El Salvador and of course the secret ingredient was bacon fat and chorizo. So I decided to change the recipe to only include bacon and bacon fat and I’m telling you it’s just as delicious.

The key to this dish is the epazote. It’s best to use fresh, but if you can’t find fresh use dried but use very little since it’s so potent. If you can’t fine either go ahead and use a couple of bay leafs and dried oregano. Also if you have any left-overs you can use this on sandwiches, tacos, burritos, and tostadas. It’s very versatile.


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