Bacon, Babes & Bingo

Bacon, Babes, and Bingo. You don’t often hear that string of words together. It’s easy to associate the phrase “sizzling hot” to both bacon and babes, but not so much to bingo. For many people, the first word that they associate with “bingo” is “old.” Bingo isn’t exactly known for being a popular pastime with the young, the hip, and the babealicious. But, a nightclub in San Francisco is challenging the preconception that Bingo is a staid, old-fashioned event enjoyed only by seniors. By throwing bacon into the mix, they’re takin’ Bacon and Bingo to a whole new level by adding in some Babes.

Bacon, Babes & Bingo is an event held at the Red Hot Burlesque on Market Street in San Francisco that incorporates the competition of bingo, the excitement of San Fran nightlife, and the seductive flavors of bacon into one extravagant event. We stumbled upon their Facebook page(WARNING: the photos on their FB page are not nude, but probably not safe for work!) by accident and were intrigued by their idea. Not only is the event all about bacon and babes, but they partner up with local San Franciscan shops like the popular “Bacon Bacon” food truck and Four Barrel Coffee to bring you trendy and delicious food and drinks.

While Burlesques aren’t for everyone, we think their idea is so original that we just had to share it. So, if you’re ever in San Francisco and looking for a hot night on the town, hit up this R-rated Bingo night for some sexy bacon fun.

If you can’t get to San Francisco, or if Burlesque isn’t your thing, you can always cook up your favorite bacon flavors to have your own bacon and bingo extravaganza. Invite a few friends over for some bacon appetizers and a couple games of online bingo. Head over to ballsupbingo where you can read reviews and find the best online bingo sites to satisfy your Bacon & Bingo desires. Who says bingo has to be boring? Bacon even makes bingo better.

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