Bacon at the Bellagio in Las Vegas

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On a recent trip to Las Vegas, we set out to find some great bacon in the town they call Sin City. The first stop was the Bellagio hotel & casino — specifically “Cafe Bellagio” located downstairs right next to the beautiful indoor gardens.

Quite a few bacon-enriched items graced the Cafe Bellagio menu, from an Applewood Bacon Omlette to a traditional club sandwich. All sounded excellent although each menu item was somewhat pricey ($13 for the omlette). I decided to put the Bellagio up to a real bacon challenge and see if their plain bacon lived up to the elegant nature of their hotel. My order was 3 eggs, 4 strips of bacon and has browns.


The meal arrived looking fairly plain but quite appetizing. I immediately dug into the bacon.


The bacon stips were thick, perfectly prepared, and visually appealling. On first bite I knew I came to the right place. The taste was smokey, sweet, and salty all in one. Cafe Bellagio definately uses top-quality bacon.


As a matter of fact, even the littlest bacon lover at the table was impressed. Not only does this bacon earn a Smaste™ rating of 39.939, but it also is the first bacon to earn the title of “Charlie Approved” (that’s Charlie in the photo in case you were wondering).

If you’re ever in Las Vegas, visit Cafe Bellagio and order some bacon. You won’t be disappointed.



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