Bacon Apps for Android and iPhone

The Smartphone is quite the essential and useful tool these days. How far we’ve come with phones within the past ten years is astounding. Imagine where we’ll be in another ten years? The possibilities are equally exciting and frightening.

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Today, apps rule our Smartphones. We’re always trying to find the best app for whatever it is we want to achieve. Better directions? There’s an app for that. A restaurant that serves only breakfast? Also an app for that. Or how about movie quotes? There’s an app for that too. So this brings us down to one delicious, glorious, and amazing thing: Bacon. Yep, we have scoured our Smartphones and we bring you this glorious list of free Bacon Apps! Some are really fun and others are… just try them out for yourself.

**Bacon Live Wallpaper- Android App: This app is pretty self explanatory. It’s a Live, moving Wallpaper for your Android phone. It has a moving image of bacon sizzling in a pan and when you tap your screen, it makes sizzling noises. Pretty sweet, right? Of course battery drainage is always present with Live Wallpapers.

**Baconnection- by Reader’s Digest Association, Inc.- Android and iPhone: Their description on Baconnection, “If apps could come bacon-wrapped, Baconnection™ would be the one. It’s stuffed to the gills with bacon: bacon facts, bacon recipes, bacon games, bacon badges, and more.

Features: Hundreds of ways to make bacon! Prepare a bacon recipe a day for most of a year without eating bacon the same way twice. We’ve collected the best bacon recipes from, Taste of Home, and Every Day with Rachael Ray, and you them all in this app.

Bacon trivia! Sure, you love bacon, but do you know bacon? Find out when you play the Bacon Bits quiz game.
Baconnection: the bacon game! As you know, bacon is the heart of the food universe. You can connect any ingredient to bacon—and this is your chance to prove it. Start with an ordinary ingredient and see how many recipes with overlapping ingredients you need to link it to a recipe containing bacon in six recipe steps or less.
Bacon badges! Earn a Ph.B. in Baconology, and get rewarded for particularly quick or high-scoring rounds of Baconnection.”

**Bacon Punch- Android App: “Is your punch strong enough to turn a pig into bacon? Try to punch the pig as hard as you can. If you are really good you will be able to turn the pig into bacon. Are your punches strong enough to make that happen? Grasp your device firmly with your hand and press play. Punch in any direction as soon as you see the flashing “PUNCH NOW!” text on the screen. When you’re done you can see how much you have damaged the pig. The score is shown in the lower part of the screen. There is also a Punch Meter in the upper left corner of the screen which indicates the strength of your punch. Enter your name after the punch so everyone can see that YOU are the ultimate champion!”
This Bacon App unfortunately only gives you one punch per game. You can, however, play an unlimited amount of games. But only swinging once? Not that fabulous. Still, it’s fun to see that pig turn into bacon!

**Bacon Farts- Free- Fart Sounds- Android and iPhone App: This app is available for both phone operations. Immature? Yes. Entertaining? Oh yeah! Their description: “Now with Fart Bender technology to put you in control. Just turn the dial to change the pitch. Endless fart sounds and combinations from one awesome app. Practice your technique for even better results!”

**BaconReader for Reddit- Android App: “BaconReader is an intuitive, beautiful, feature-packed client for reddit, made specifically for Android users. And best of all, you can bring home this bacon free of charge! BaconReader brings full access to reddit content, along with all of the essential features “redditors” have come to expect in a package that’s easy to use even for those who’ve never tried reddit before.
With features like subreddit grouping, keyword and domain filtering, and direct picture uploading to complement its brilliant interface, there’s no question that BaconReader is the best reddit client around. Whether you want to browse and learn, laugh out loud, or contribute and be part the conversation, BaconReader has the tools you need for an outstanding reddit experience.”

**Takin’ Bacon- Android App: “Takin’ Bacon is a highly-rated casual game. Stretch and fling Marvin the Monkey up the tree. Avoid the evil pigs’ attacks & take as much bacon as you can. You won’t be able to put it down!”

There you have it folks! It seems that the Android community loves bacon more than Apple does. Perhaps more iPhone users are vegetarian? Now that would be an interesting demographic chart to see. Maybe in a pie chart form. Mmm, pie. A bacon pie… Mmm…


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