Bacon and Egg Easter Basket

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Guest Post by Elise Coroneos at

Photos by Tom Sandelands

If idle hands are the Devil’s playground, then this is a truly sinful craft project. I have been mostly unemployed for about a week now and already I am looking for new hobbies to keep me occupied. I think I have finally found my calling… Bacon Sculpting.

Why make an Easter basket out of bacon? Why not? It was a fun way to kill a Saturday…fun and tasty!


I started with two packages of bacon, because I wasn’t sure how much I was going to need. I ended up using about a package and a half, but could have gotten away with just one.
To make the base of the basket, I created a bacon weave. This is just like making a lattice top for a pie…just more greasy.

To form the basket shape, I placed a Pyrex bowl upside down on a sheet tray and draped the bacon weave on top of the bowl.

I baked the bacon weave at 415 degrees, until it was crispy and brown.

While the base was baking, I made the handle and some bacon flowers to embellish the basket. To form the handle, I used two pieces of bacon. I twisted each piece into a spiral, then intertwined them at the top to join them together.

When the base was done, I let it cool on a rack, and then let the handle and flowers bake. Once everything was done baking, I let all the pieces dry out for an hour or so.


In the mean time, I dyed my Easter eggs. As you can see, they were a bit spotty.

To finish, I attached the handle to the base with hot glue. That felt like cheating, but I couldn’t think of a better way to do it. I glued the flowers at the base of the handle on each side. I used chives for the Easter grass and place the eggs gently inside.

I hope you enjoyed my silly bacon craft project! Happy Easter everyone!

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