¡Cinco de Bacon!

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Cinco de Mayo is coming up, so today’s blog post is about how to incorporate bacon into this holiday. Last week we blogged about the “baco,” which puts a spin on the traditional taco by replacing the usual corn tortilla with one made entirely from bacon. It’s available to lucky baseball fans in Michigan, but wouldn’t be difficult to recreate at home for Cinco de Mayo.


West Michigan Whitecaps “Baco”

Another Cinco de Mayo favorite is chips and guacamole. Bacon is the perfect ingredient to add to a traditional guacamole recipe. The crispness and saltiness of bacon is an excellent contrast to the rich, smooth texture and taste of guacamole. Crumble up strips of cooked bacon and mix them into the guacamole, or use them as a topping to sexy-up this favorite Cinco de Mayo appetizer.

Closet Cooking Guacamole

Closet Cooking Guacamole

Bacon cocktails have been popular in the blogosphere lately, and Bacon Margaritas are no exception to this trend. This Bacon Pineapple Margarita has no bacon in the actual drink. It’s added by blending bacon strips with salt, and then the rims of the glasses are dipped into this mixture. Perfect for those who don’t want to mess with their traditional Margarita recipes!

The Food in my Beard Margarita

The Food in my Beard Margarita

This Spicy Bacon and Avocado Margarita recipe is for the “more adventurous” type. It adds bacon AND avocado to the drink. Once blended, it looks more like a smoothie than a Margarita. Bacon salt is added to the rim and a strip of bacon is added to the drink.

Smells Like Home Margarita

ShowFood Chef Margarita

Lastly, check out this recipe for traditional refried beans that utilize bacon grease. Making homemade refried beans is a lot easier than it sounds. These beans use the bacon grease to give them a rich flavor. Whether you want to add chopped bacon to the beans is entirely up to you!

Smells Like Home Refried Beans

Smells Like Home Refried Beans

These are just a few ideas on how to add bacon to your favorite recipes this Cinco de Mayo. Bacon quesadillas, bacon pina coladas, bacon burritos. The possibilities are endless!

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