Bacon Alarm Clock is Finally Happening

SensorWake's scented alarm clock

The bacon-scented alarm clock (sort of like the Wake’n Bacon) is finally becoming a reality. No, not this one, but it’s the next best thing. Thanks to SensorWake’s successful Kickstarter campaign, you’ll soon be able to wake up to your favorite smell in the world before you even get out of bed. SensorWake is described as “the world’s first olfactory alarm clock, invented to make your mornings happy thanks to your favorite scent!”

Created by teenage entrepreneur Guillaume Rolland, the all you have to do is simply insert the desired scent pod into the alarm clock, set it and go to bed. In the morning, the clock will release its sizzling aroma. In addition to the Bacon & Orange Juice scent, other scent cartridge options include Espresso and Chocolate Croissants, Sweet Peach and Strawberry Candy, and Ginger and Peppermint. We’d like a coffee and chocolate bacon croissant option… Or bacon cheeseburger?

SensorWake’s initial Kickstarter goal was 54K, but it has already raised $133K with more than 2 weeks to go. The SensorWake will set you back a whopping $119, not including the individual scent pods. Each pod will cost $9 and lasts for 60 days. Unlike Keurig pods, these pods are 100% recyclable. SensorWake starter packs will come with a few free scent pods.

While now discontinued, the product also appeared for sale on Amazon.

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