BA-K-47 The Gun Made of Bacon


Nick sent us this one from — a gun made entirely of bacon. Not just any gun mind you, a 1:1 scale replica of an AK-47 automatic rifle.

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Can you imagine if this gun actually fired? Picture those bacon bullets at your mouth at breakneck speeds. Tasty, salty morsels of pure pork rat-a-tat-tatting from the barrel and straight into your stomache. Oh the humanity…the glorious, spectacular humanity.

As far as the technical specs for this amazingly fantastic creation go, it took the visionary genius about 8 hours, a lot of bacon and the help of a blowtorch. Beer may also have been a contributing source of inspiration, though we can’t fully confirm that claim.

Check out additional pictures of the BA-K-47 on the original web site.

BA-K-47 creators, we salute you!

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