Awesome Bacon Picture Tops Awesome Bacon Article

May 7, 2009 12:01 am Published by 2 Comments

First of all, let me reiterate that I think ‘awesome’ is an awesome word. 

Second, let me reiterate that bacon is awesome.

Third, let me point you to an article that was written about bacon and the current bacon craze that seems to be saturating not just the internet, but the world at large. Jill Rosen did a story for the Baltimore Sun all about bacon. Our own Corey James was cited for having created bacon wrapped bacon wrapped bacon wrapped bacon. Way to go Corey!

But I would be remiss not to share with you the most awesome part of the awesome bacon article. This picture, which was unexplained by the reporter, is clearly Uncle Sam made out of bacon. With the summer season rapidly approaching and the Fourth of July on its way, it’s time to kick off the good times with this awesome picture of bacon. Enjoy…


— Mike

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  • Awesome post about bacon. I used to make bacon myself on a 10,000 pig farm in southern NM. I used to eat bacon everyday.

    Keep up the articles

    Mike D. Merrill
    Chief Bacon Maker & Marketing Strategist
    Bacon Marketing
    twitter @mikedmerrill

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