2020 Father’s Day Gift Guide

father's day gift guide

Bacon Gifts for Dad You want to give dad an awesome, unique gift for Father’s Day, but one he’ll be sure to use. If you’re not exactly sure what to get him, we strongly suggest: bacon. Duh! Who can resist that savory meat candy? I don’t think I’ve ever met a Dad that doesn’t like … Read more

Bacon Cheddar Soft Pretzels

Delicious smoky, crunchy, cheesy pockets of goodness are baked into these homemade Bacon Cheddar Soft Pretzels. To Alton Brown’s excellent recipe for homemade soft pretzels, we add cooked and crumbled bacon and shredded Cheddar. If you have a stand mixer with a dough hook, these delicious pretzels are so easy to make you might feel … Read more

Keto Kale with Garlic & Bacon

keto diet

This KETO food pyramid, pulled from reddit, practically turns the old food pyramid on its head! Let’s Do This! January 2nd and it’s time to get real about those resolutions. Surely the Ketogenic diet is the most appealing diet since bacon is a mainstay of this fat-burning diet.   Dr. John Salerno’s book, “Fight Fat … Read more

Bacon Wrapped Turkey

Consider wrapping your turkey in bacon before putting it in the oven to roast. Here’s how!

Best Thanksgiving Ever!

TurBACONducken for all! It’s that time of year when the weather turns chilly and our hearts get warmer as we spend time thinking of others and gathering with loved ones. Time to bake and cook and warm the hearth. But how to prepare a fantastic feast and still have time to spend with the ones … Read more

Je Suis Potato Salad

Try this bacony potato salad with your next barbecue. Using a french-ish vinaigrette, it’s simple to prepare and served at room temperature, so there’s no concern about mayo getting funky when it’s not refrigerated for hours. The salty bacon compliments the tangy vinegar and mustard giving the dish a distinctive flavor that goes great with … Read more

Chocolate covered What?

chocolate bacon caramels

Could even BACON be better with Chocolate? Bacon, meet Chocolate …. If two wrongs don’t make a right then we can assume that two rights won’t make it wrong. The two “rights” in this case are bacon and chocolate, both decadently delightful. We took some some superior bacon to our neighborhood artisan bakery “disgustingly delicious” and … Read more

Something to squeal about!

Baconize your grilled cheese sandwich to turn bland into something to squeal about!  You’ll love this bacon grilled cheese sandwich. prep time: 5 minutes cooking time: 10 minutes Ingredients: gruyere cheese, green apple, thinly sliced, Orville’s Apple pie bacon, loaf of Italian bread, butter Instructions: Cook the Orville’s Apple Pie bacon. Be sure to prepare … Read more