Attack of The Meat Beast Burger King Vies For Undisputed Pork Supremacy!

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For those of you who already fully understand that bacon belongs on absolutely every burger, absolutely ever time, and therefore, you may need something slightly out of the ordinary, to kind of break things up once in a while and open you mind and taste-buds to some new possibilities, Burger King proudly announces that it has officially opened up its flagship “Whopper Bar” in the very heart of New York City’s Time Square, featuring B.K.’s long awaited debut of the “Meat Beast Whopper.”

And just what is this “Meat Beast Whopper” of which I speak, you inquisitively ask yourself. Well … allow me to assist you with these vital statistics. The Meat Beast Whopper is not just any Whopper … no way, no how.

This is just your once very normal, average, regular Whopper that is then scientifically mutated into a “Mega Monster Meal that involves being fused with delectably delicious bacon and then completely “porked” out of it’s ever loving mind with some additional Italian pepperoni, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, onions, American cheese and ketchup.

Sadly, this “Super-Sandwich is only available at the New York Whopper Bar, where next month they will proudly début their 9 ½ inch NY Pizza Whopper next month. This crazy culinary concoction will consist of four Whopper patties served on a 9 ½ inch bun that is topped with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese and then cut into traditional pizza size slices for sharing with friends, family and any Meat Beasts still hanging around the B.K. premises!

According to the man with the plan … “Leading our ‘Bar Favorites’ menu with the NY Pizza Burger not only pays homage to our newest location but demonstrates the type of menu offerings our guests can expect as we continue to showcase new concepts and uncover fan favorites,” John Schaufelberger, Burger King Corporation’s senior vice president of global product marketing and innovation, said in a statement.

This will be Burger King’s eighth “Whopper Bar” proudly opened to the public and while it is based on a modern bar motif, with artsy, modern décor, it will, unlike most bars, actually remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering it’s customers a choice of more than 20 toppings on their B.K. Sandwiches, including pepper bacon.

In addition to its eight Whopper Bars, located in Orlando, Miami, Memphis, Spain, Venezuela and Singapore, as well as the new NY location, Miami, FL based Burger King has more than 12,100 restaurants in 74 countries, 90 percent of which are owned and operated by franchisees.

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