As “Baco-Mania” Rises To Epic Proportions -More Women Are Enthusiastically Bringing Home The Bacon

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We once were taught that men loved bacon and that women loved shoes. I think it was all part of the some sadly misguided, last ditch efforts to stiff-arm society and hold itself quite strictly to some inaccurately outdated and clearly un-true, two-dimensional, gender specific stereotypes.

You know the ones I’m talking about, with all of that “snakes and snails and puppy dog tails” nonsense versus “sugar and spice and everything nice!” Face it, the traditional “War Of The Sexes” is officially over with and “WE” … the human race as a whole …WON!

Ask any Gourmet Restaurateur, Manager of a small, greasy spoon diner, the owner of a Gourmet Bacon Of The Month Club or your local butcher, they’ll all tell you that bacon is rising in popularity at an astronomical rate and much of that increase in interest comes from the ladies, who simply just aren’t putting up with anymore of this attitude that our fair Bacon is relegated strictly to the “Good Ole Boys” and women just aren’t going to be stopped by anymore “Gurlz Arnt Alloud!” signs being hung out in from of the old Bacon Club Tree-house.

It turns out the ladies love that sweet and slightly salty, sizzling and sultry, seductively savory “meat candy,” in some cases … even MORE than the guys.

Also, as more and more women are making more and more money, that extra spending cash and expendable income is going more and more often to “bringing home the bacon!”

So while most of today’s modern “Baconquistadors” happily welcome the “Baconettes” with totally open minds and open arms, it’s time for the old curmudgeonly “stick in the muds” to get with the program and share a bite of bacon with the lady sitting beside you.

My guess is, you’ll be truly glad that you did

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