Are Eggs the New Bacon?

February 20, 2010 5:51 am Published by 2 Comments


“Are eggs the new bacon?”

That was the question posed by Allison Perlik, Senior Editor of Restaurants & Institutions (R & I) way back on November 25, 2009. Why do we bring you this information months later you ask? Simple — because bacon lovers around the globe should let Allison know that nothing will replace bacon as their defacto treat of choice.

Not one comment exists on the R & I article at the time of this Bacon Today article’s writing. Come on bacon fans, get over to the R & I site and let them know that bacon will not be replaced by boring eggs anytime soon!

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  • Nina says:

    Blasphemy! Bacon is and will always be superior over eggs. Frankly, fuck eggs!

  • John says:

    HUMMMM HELL NO nothing and I mean nothing can replace Bacon! Eggs are just those things that are beside the bacon on the plate! Lets see how many things you can wrap a egg around and it makes them eatable? Bacon can make an old sock eatable !!!

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