All Beef BBQ Bacon Hot Dog at Wienerschnitzel

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According to the box, I was in for a DERlicious meal. I was about to embark upon my first ever meal at the hot dog chain restaurant Wienerschnitzel. Yes folks, I have lived in California for 25 years and never once set foot in the west coast home of Germanic wienosity. (I’ll pause for your collective gasp)

Once I arrived at the red & yellow palace of stuffed franks my eyes spotted something I knew I had to try — the all beef barbecue bacon hot dog. Adding some fries and a soda was a natural fit so for just under $7.00 I was on my way to a beefy, bacony bonanza.

The dog arrived in a well-designed box and upon opening the lid I was impressed by the meal’s appearance. The hot dog was covered in BBQ sauce, shredded cheese and a thick slice of bacon. As is customary when tasting any bacony meal, a piece of bacon was torn off and tasted without the influence of the rest of the food. The Wienerschnitzel bacon was quite tasty and would have been good as a meal in itself.

After testing the quality of bacon it was on to the full hot dog concoction. From first bite to last the mix of beef dog, cheese, BBQ and bacon were a solid combination that really filled up this tester. I’d recommend this meal to anyone looking for a quick bacon fix on the west coast of the United States.


Smaste™ Rating: 29.598

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