Aces on 29th in Superior, Wisconsin


We travel a lot and everywhere we go we try to seek out the best bacon in town. On a recent trip to the midwest, I was able to stop in quite a few places in Minnesota and Wisconsin to taste some great bacon meals.

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aces-logoOne spot in particular really blew me away with the tastiness & quality was Aces on 29th in Superior, WI. With 9 items featuring bacon on the menu this was the kind of place that Bacon Today lives for, but the famous Charburger® was what really solidified Aces on 29th as a must-stop destination anytime I’m in the northern midwest.

The Charburger® got its start in around 1961 at the legendary regional drive through restaurant Nick’s Burger King in Duluth, Minnesota. The last Nick’s closed in 2002, but now with Aces on 29th the Charburger® legend lives on. With its 1/3 lb. all-beef burger, melted Swiss cheese, carmelized onions, kosher pickels, ketchup reduction sauce, and sesame bun, this burger is done to perfection. Add a couple thick slices of crispy smoked bacon for $1 and you’ve got a heavenly treat for any bacon lover.

When the burger arrived at the table it looked fabulous and was served with seasoned waffle fries.


I opened the burger and saw near perfection in bacon burger creation. As we always do when testing bacon meals, I broke off a small piece of bacon and tasted it before the rest of the burger. The crispy, thick sliced bacon was incredible and I quickly dove in to the complete meal.


The complete burger and fries were awesome. The combination of the Charburger’s smokey taste and the thick smoked bacon was a perfect match. The meal earns a Smaste™ rating of 42.998. This burger will be hard to beat.

If you’re ever near Superior, WI do yourself a favor and head over to Aces on 29th and add bacon to your burger.

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