According To MissWit – Bacon Is The Great Uniter!

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A cool and clever new bacon t-shirt caught my eye the other day when perusing the internet in “surf mode” and I thought it was something worth bringing to your attention.

This shirt, titled “BACON: The Great Uniter” features everybody’s favorite buddy, Bacon, standing united and platonically holding hands with a friendly fried egg and a piece of toast who is enjoying a hot cup of coffee. What’s not to love about that?

The shirt is brought to us by “MissWit,” alias of artist, designer and all around funster, Deborah Goldstein of Brooklyn, NY who describes herself as tragic, sinful, cynical, sarcastic and FUN, yet simultaneously a sensitive ‘little mizz’ who loves Neil Diamond, classic rock, hippity hop and be bop with equality …like a mother loves all of her children.

A creative soul, she really doesn’t concern herself with traditional rules and design paradigms; she is as much of a contradiction as the day is long. That’s just an artistically clever way of saying she is quite uniquely creative and original.

Thus, what can best be described as a “whimsical, satirical, fashionable tee shirt line” with a fun and funny website and shirts ranging from sublime jokes to delicate etchings, first drew media attention when her work was displayed for a single-day showing at a Brooklyn boutique and a reporter from The New York Observer, observed it.

Since then, she has been prominently featured on E! News Live, The New York Post, CNBC, Newsday, The NY Post’s Page Six, New York Magazine, People Magazine, Star Magazine, Metro NY, The NY Sun, The Observer, Penthouse,, San Diego Jewish Journal and numerous political, entertainment and fashion blogs.

MissWit explains the true Story behind the shirt: Friends invite her away for a weekend. Emails ensue. “What food will you bring? Pesky vegetarians. Gluten-free, wheat-free needs must be tended to.” “I am not a veggie but am pretty picky about which animals I’ll eat.”

“Can we all agree on bacon?? Cause bacon tastes good!?” An almost collective reply of “YES” “Bacon is the great uniter.”

Try it out with your friends.  Many a people will cave, when it comes to bacon. Many a vegetarian are brought down from their ways. We are just the messenger of this universal almost-truth.  Face it, people love bacon.”

Available in 100% Fine Jersey Cotton – Ladies styles, offering a fitted fashion form or Unisex for a comfortable, looser fit – with color options of Yolk Gold or Navy Blue and in sizes from small to extra large.  Check it out!

For Bacon Today Readers “now” through Dec. 10 enjoy 10% off your Uniter Tee. Use promo code “PeaceBacon” at check out.

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