Abused By Bacon

February 23, 2009 12:01 am Published by Leave your thoughts

In case we don’t say it enough, we love our Readers. That means YOU, Reader! We love you. You are the second most important reason we are here (the first being bacon, of course!). When you read our site, buy our pillows and order our shirts, it makes us happy, and makes us enough money to keep this thing going.

When you send us emails, it gives us things to write about! One of you sent this email a while back, and I thought it was a wonderful message about the powerful impact of bacon:

“I used to work at the local supermarket in the meat department and anytime bacon went on sale (usually around $2.49-2.99/pack, regularly $4.99-5.99/pack) people went berserk. You couldn’t keep it on the shelves and towards the end of the sale if we ran out of stock there would be hell. When chicken or beef was on sale and ran out it was “ok, we’ll come back next week”. When the bacon ran out we would get attacked, people just flipped when they couldn’t get their bacon. I never got over this obsession and the amount of abuse I took because of bacon.” – Anonymous Fan of Bacon

For so many delicious and Smastey™ reasons, bacon holds a special place in many bellies around the world. This story is a clear reminder that a ton of people love bacon, and that it can be expensive, so you’d better stock up when it goes on sale.

But please remember to be nice to your local butchers.

— Mr. B

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