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December 23, 2008 12:01 am Published by 1 Comment

Anyone who was watching cheesy movies in the mid-90s probably remembers Sandra Bullock ordering a pizza from her computer in The Net. A pizza?!?! From the internet?!?! WOW!!!! I can’t wait to do that! Now I can get totally fat and lazy. Now if only there were a way to get music and movies from the internet, too. (But I digress.)

Internet pizza ordering turned out to be one of those movie inventions that actually came into being and has been around for a while now. Today, though, I learned that it has risen to new heights over at Domino’s Pizza. You see, I tend to get really involved in my work. Most days, I’ll forget to have lunch and realize in a fit of rage at about 3:00 that I’m really hungry. Today was no different – but Jonathan saved the day. You see, he was hungry, too, and suggested that we order a pizza – from the internet. He said that Domino’s had a deal where you could get three pizzas for $4 each. Since he wanted to eat one for lunch and have another to take home, that meant that I could order a $4 pizza for lunch.

I went to the computer to decide what I would get on my pizza and the first thing I noticed was that Domino’s has a whole new ordering system. Not only can you specify any topping you want, but their online ordering system actually shows you a picture of what your pizza is going to look like when it gets to your door. Mine, of course, was going to have bacon on it.

Once you actually place the order, the customer experience gets really cool. Domino’s has this thing called the Pizza Tracker and it, well, tracks your pizza through the entire process from order to prep, right through the oven and into the delivery vehicle. It even asks you if you liked your pizza once you got it and makes sure that you didn’t have any trouble, plus it gives you the chance to provide feedback.

In a world where user feedback is key to a company’s success, this is one company that has it nailed.

Way to go, Domino’s. And kudos for keeping bacon on your menu as a topping even though many other pizza joints have dropped it off.

— Mike

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