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November 29, 2008 12:01 am Published by 2 Comments

There’s a certain anonymous BT reader who checks the site every day and always seems to comment on the articles that I write. She sends a link to the site to everyone she knows and then calls to tell me what they thought about it. She anonymously calls herself “Mom”. I have no idea who this person is, but she keeps asking me to come over for dinner, so maybe I’ll find out soon enough.

One great thing that “Mom” brings to the table is that she often sends information that helps us uncover stories and write new articles. A few weeks ago, she found a story on Daily Candy that discussed a recipe for insalata pontormo. Her comment on the article was this:

“I was hopeful when I saw the title of the article that it would actually be about BACON. But alas, it was about pancetta which I don’t even consider in the same class as bacon, although the source may be the same.”

She may have a point, but I want to open the question up to all of you…

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— Mike

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  • Mom says:

    Interesting that 2/3 of the readers of BACON Today, really think pancetta is connected to bacon. Perhaps it is that our background – the secret society of bacon eaters who really shouldn’t eat bacon – can justify eating bacon but not other pork products (like pancetta or pork chops) – unless, of course they are used in a Chinese food recipe.

    The dinner invitation is open, as always.

  • baconator says:

    Bacon and Pancetta are brothers. Prosciutto’s a first cousin. And Guanciale is uncle you hear about only occasionally that drives a Ferrari and dates supermodels, and for the twenty minutes he’s around you’re all like “dayum, I am awesome simply for being related to this dude” but you know if he was around all the time the awesomeness would gradually fade.

    But yes, people, bacon, despite our love of the stuff, is not alone out there.

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