A Moment For The Pigs

May 8, 2009 12:01 am Published by Leave your thoughts

By now you’re all aware that the so-called swine flu has been renamed H1N1 Influenza A by the World Health Organization. Bacon Today salutes the WHO for making this distinction and hopes that The Media as well as all of you will do the same. 

With this in mind, I urge each of you to take a moment from your busy day to think about the invisible victim in this world-health game; the pig. 

Pigs are very important to BT and its readers – they are, after all, the reason we’re here at all. Without pigs, there would be no bacon. 

Even though we eventually slaughter the little guys to make our delicious meat candy, we also fully support the ethical treatment of pigs throughout their lives as they fatten up to get ready to be delicious for us. 

The reason that H1N1 Influenza A was called “swine flu” in the first place is beacuse it was a strain that affected both humans AND pigs.

Think about it.

Have you ever had the flu? Yes. Did it feel good? No. Did you just lay in bed and feel miserable for two or three days? Yes. Did someone bring you a blanket, or some juice, or the remote control? Yes.

Does anyone give this kind of hospice care to the pigs? No.

There are millions of pigs out there who might be sick with the flu right now, and they feel crappy, and nobody is bringing them a blanket. 

So get out there and show some respect for your local bacon maker – bring a sick pig a blanket. You’ll feel better the next time you’re grilling up some meat candy.

— Mike

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