A Cry For Help from the Palette of a Bacon Lover

August 24, 2009 12:01 am Published by 3 Comments

We all have certain things that we love, need and want. For Kristina Z., that thing is bacon flavored spray. She wrote to us about it recently…


I am a vegetarian and fell in love with a product called Bacon Spray, made by David Burke I think…(flavorspraydiet). However, it seems the company is not making those products anymore. It really gave my food a delicious flavor I can’t find anywhere else, Bacon salt, liquid smoke, etc. just weren’t as authentic and don’t work as well on dry foods like bread, chips, etc.

Do you know of anywhere I might still be able to find this product, or something similar? The only liquid bacon flavorings I’ve seen are for dogs! What about us people!?


We feel your pain, Kristina. In past articles we have written about both bacon spray and bacon spray for dogs, so we’re familiar with the products you’re referring to. We are as disappointed as you are that bacon spray is no longer for sale

Full disclosure: I didn’t do any actual research here and I’m taking Kristina at her word that bacon spray is off the market. This is an entertainment site, people, not a legitimate journalistic stronghold. If I ever get a job at a real newspaper, blog or for a TV show, I promise to exercise journalistic integrity; until then, I’m just writing about bacon for fun. So There!)

We are not currently aware of any places that are still selling human-grade bacon spray. But consider this a Bacon-Nation call-to-action. If any of you Baconites have heard of a place to buy bacon spray, please leave a comment here and let us know. It will help Kristina, and it will help all of us.

— Mr. B

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  • DerStu says:


    looks like it is still there maybe you just need to order it online from now on or you can stop being a vegetarian and eat some real bacon, really humans have the style of teeth you do for a reason and that is to eat both plants AND meat

  • Kristina says:

    It’s the author of the original letter. No, it is no longer available online. There is still a web site up, but you can’t place an order anymore. And please, lose the snarky comments. Many of “us” humans survive quite well without eating meat, thank you very much.

  • Betty says:

    I wrote to them, they said their products will be in the stores soon.

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