A Bacon Bust Of Bacon?

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Wow … so finally, Kevin Bacon really IS made of bacon! Now, thought the modern-day wonders of the internet and Ebay, you can spend some of your “bacon” to purchase this “dream combo” descending to us straight from the porky gates of Hog Heaven. It’s all for a good cause … a charity raising money for a Children’s Hospital in Seattle, WA.

Truthfully …the very first significant lesson that I ever learned about researching hot, sizzling, breaking news items about “bacon” on the internet, is to always remember to exclude the term “Kevin Bacon” from the keyword search parameters.

Otherwise, you get pages and pages of what the multi-facetted actor / director / producer / writer and his beautiful and talented wife, Kyra Sedgwick is up to. This time, however, something deep down inside of me told me NOT to exclude Kevin from the search, and I am so glad that I did!

The artist of the “Bacon Bacon Bust” is Bacon Salt” co-owner David Lefkow, whose daughter Ashley is currently battling leukemia and often making trips in and out of the hospital. Mr. Lefkow’s “Bacon Salt,” mentality ensures that the topic of bacon is never really very far from his mind.

Over a period of 3 months of enduring endeavor, the dream became a reality! According to Lefkow, “We just thought; what if Kevin Bacon was made out of bacon? And that was sort of the first idea. It was just a crazy dream that we have,” said Lefkow.

While some interested bidders were sad to be informed that the statuesque head of Mr. Bacon is NOT edible, and has been expertly well preserved for posterity with high quality lacquer so that the piece will remain tastefully intact for decades and decades to come, most people were actually happy to know that this is a piece of art that can be bequeathed to generations to come.

David says that Kevin Bacon is actually well aware of what is going on and supports his efforts and that the Bacon Bust Of Bacon is currently be bid for on Ebay, where it is being auctioned off for 10 days, ending Oct. 9.

According to Bacon Salt co-owner Justin Esch, “It should be in art gallery somewhere, but it would also look nice on a coffee table. I think it’ll tie together any room nicely. Bacon makes everything better, including art.”

If you would enjoy the honor of owning “Bacon’s Bacon,” join in on all of the fun and excitement, knowing that all proceeds from the sale will go directly to “Ashley’s Team,” a nonprofit organization that works to bring joy to children with cancer and their families.

We at Bacon Today hope & pray for Ashley’s quick, full and complete healing and recovery!

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