Ultimate Bacon Gift Guide for 2023

Ultimate bacon gift guide with the word bacon stenciled on a holiday gift box

Since we’ve probably had more experience with bacon gizmos, gadgets, and the like than pretty much anyone on planet Earth, we thought we’d put together a bacon gift guide for you all.

Wake’n Bacon – The Real Bacon Alarm Clock

Quite possibly the best invention since whatever came before sliced bread, the Wake’n Bacon alarm clock is a work of pure genius. The shape of the device is modeled after pre-bacon and the concept is so simple I can’t believe it’s not already in mass production.

Bacon Makes Everything Better!

One of my favoirte comedians, Jim Gaffigan, is known for his funny take on Hot Pockets, and Bacon. He says that to improve other foods we wrap it in bacon. But I have to ask does Bacon make everything better?

Fatburger Triple King Challenge Times Two

Six all-beef patties and plenty of bacon. That’s the way to start an amazing meal. Scott was at it again this week, taking on another daunting food challenge. This time his target was the Fatburger Triple King Challenge — the largest burger offered at the Fatburger chain with triple the burger patties stuffed inside. Since … Read more

Press – What People are Saying about Bacon Today

woman making listening motion with her arm in front of the words "what's shakin' bacon"

For press inquires and interview requests, please email . Bacon Today has been featured on: News Quotes and Mentions “Each milkshake has a full tablespoon of liquid gold AKA delicious bacon fat. Recipe here.”BuzzFeed.com – Christine Byrne “We all know bacon may have jumped the shark, and we’re constantly trying to ignore the fact that … Read more