50 lbs of Free Pig Food

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There’s really not much I can add to this post on Craigslist. Thanks to my buddy Hobie for forwarding this along.

If you need some food for your pre-bacon, this could help you out. Just don’t ask the dude for a picture of the pig food – ha!

Here’s a transcript of the posting:

50lbs of Vietnamese Pig Food (Garden Grove, CA)

I have 50lbs of just opened feeds for Vietnamese Pigs. The former owner fed them a dog’s diet and now the piggies won’t eat the pigs’ food. So what am I to do? The pig’s diet consist mainly of vegetables and fruits. This 50lbs feed came out of Midway Feed Store, bought it just a few days ago. Please don’t make me take a pic of it. It’s free, not the pig.

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