250 Pigs Killed in Sweden Barn Fire

July 16, 2009 12:01 am Published by 2 Comments


Bacon Today reader Joakim Troëng alerted us of a breaking news story out of Scandanavia today.

An estimated 500 pigs were in an Edenberga, Sweden barn when a possible lightning strike ignited the structure. Approximately 250 pigs died in the blaze and at least 100 more were taken to receive emergency medical attention. A sad day for the bacon-loving world indeed.

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  • heinlock says:

    Sad? sounds like an excuse to eat a bunch of pork to me, round up the town! everyone bring their smokers!

  • Meat is Disgusting says:

    DISGUSTING! Why put an adorable photo of an animal you’d like to eat on a website? Posting about the death of animals … that you’d rather cook yourself and eat?

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Would you eat your dog too? SICK!

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