National Bacon Lovers Day

Time to celebrate Bacon and the people who love it!


One hardly needs a holiday for inspiration to fry up some bacon, but the month of August contains two bacon inspired holidays. Holiday one is a day to celebrate the lover of bacon; August 20 is National Bacon Lover’s Day. The second nod to bacon in the month of August is for celebrating the beloved bacon itself; August 30 is International Bacon Day. And if that’s not enough, and I’d dare say it is not, we end each year with yet another holiday celebrating bacon; December 30 is National Bacon Day.

Of course the unifying theme is bacon. I can think of no other food that receives three separate days of acknowledgement in a year. This makes perfect sense to me since bacon is a natural choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

National Bacon Lovers Day is celebrated annually on August 20, beginning around the year 2000. Unlike the other two days that are a celebration of the food, National Bacon Lovers Day is a day to celebrate the lover of bacon. So, nearly everyone! Bacon is so inclusive.  

International Bacon Day falls on the final Saturday before Labor Day. This day is the brainchild of a group of Colorado University Grad students who started this tradition in 2004. These folks surely deserve to be celebrated on August 20th.

Finally, in the US, December 30 is National Bacon Day, an unofficial holiday. I for one can’t think of a better food to end the year with!

Whomever and However you choose to celebrate, we support you!

Bacon-on my friends!

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