Chocolate Covered Strawberries with Bacon Sprinkles


Does Bacon Make Everything Taste Better?

Valentine’s day is a great opportunity to test the theory that bacon makes everything taste better. Even chocolate covered strawberries? Let’s test the theory again by sprinkling crumbled bacon atop the ubiquitous chocolate covered strawberry. Some may ask, how do you improve upon perfection? To that we simply answer: Bacon!


Our conclusion is that we’ve proven the theory, yet again. Adding crunch to the chocolate covered berry is good, most noteworthy, however, is the salty tempering of the sweet berry and chocolate. The slightly smoky aroma gives a hint of what’s to come. Being a fan of the chocolate covered anything, I was skeptical that this chocolate covered delight could be better. The mixing of the salty, sweet and crunchy simply adds a new dimension to this old favorite. I can’t wait to try different bacon flavors as the crumbles, like Orville’s Apple Pie Bacon or Maple Cinnamon Smoked Bacon.

Try it this Valentine’s Day,  we think you’ll agree. Leave a comment and let us know your opinion after tasting.

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