2020 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Bacon Gifts for Dad

You want to give dad an awesome, unique gift for Father’s Day, but one he’ll be sure to use. If you’re not exactly sure what to get him, we strongly suggest: bacon. Duh! Who can resist that savory meat candy? I don’t think I’ve ever met a Dad that doesn’t like bacon! With all of the tasty options out there, it may be hard to find just the right gift for a particular dad. That’s why Bacon Freak put together this helpful guide on which bacon gift is right for any dad this Father’s day. All you need to do is find the best “type” that fits the dad you’re shopping for! Bacon Freak has something for every bacon-lovin’ dad.


Bacon Clubs

Bacon of the Month Club subscription is literally a gift that keeps on giving. After Father’s Day is long gone, Dad will get a reminder every month of how much he is loved. And that reminder is BACON! Choose your subscription length, from three months to one year. No nitrate, no pepper and gluten free options available.


Bacon Gift Bundles
The Dad with Everything

For a gift that impresses with its immensity and awesomeness, get the 12-pack Bacon Combo. How many Dads can boast that they received a gift box over-flowing with packs of meaty bacon? Your Dad will!


Dad “The Foodie” Bacon Bundle is for the connoisseur of deliciousness and a foodie eager to try the latest foodie fad. Let dad’s creative culinary side have some fun with these bacon-y items to put his own touch on recipes. And think of how great he’ll look with the included Big Daddy apron. Picture perfect!

This is the holiday to show Dad that he’s Number One. He’s the Boss Hog, the Big Man, the Supreme Daddy. And socks and underwear just don’t cut it for the Big Guy. Your Supreme Daddy deserves the best gourmet meal he could hope for, The Supreme Daddy Bundle, and this gift delivers just that.

For the dad that’s up at the crack of dawn and is known to start the bacon before he brews the coffee. If everyone else in the family wasn’t still sleeping, I bet he’d be whistling a morning tune because he just wakes up feeling chipper. This Big Daddy’s Breakfast Bundle has everything he needs to whip up a delicious bacon and pancakes breakfast. It’s a great way to start a delicious day.


For the Dad who loooooves breakfast meats in all shapes and sizes! With 1 pack each of hickory-smoked and BBQ bacon, 2 packs of sausages, and a package of smoked bone-in ham steak, Big Daddy’s Meat Lover Bundle of pork awesomeness will satisfy the true meat-atarian.


This Dad is bad-to-the-bone! He’s got tatts, rides a Harley and sports a wicked beard. Well, maybe not, but he’s a badass nonetheless. For the Dad who doesn’t like his bacon messed with, there’s Dad’s Bacon Box with 4 packs of old-fashioned quality bacon. ‘Nuff said.

KING SIZE Bacon is Meat Candy Bacon of the Month Club 3 Months

Good things come in threes, for example, the three stooges, the three amigos, the three little pigs, the three musketeers and now the King Size Bacon of the Month Club. This special subscription delivers three packs of delicious gourmet bacon to your door every month for three months. A step up from our standard sized Bacon of the Month Club, delivering two packs of bacon monthly, which is nothing to be sneezed at! 

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