Father’s Day Delight – Bacon Wrapped Turducken

Not just for Thanksgiving anymore!

Still trying to impress dad with your culinary skills after all these years? Searching for just the right meal to make on dad’s special day? Consider the bacon-wrapped turducken, a marvel of a meal that your guests will be talking about on Monday.

The origin of the turducken is somewhat a mystery. Chef Paul Prudhomme of Cajun lore claims the invention of the turducken, and filed a trademark for the name in the 1970’s.  Not to steal one’s thunder, but engastration, the practice of stuffing and cooking one animal inside another, goes all the way back to the middle ages and possibly further.

Everything’s better with Bacon …

Leave it to our friends at Bacon Freak to one-up the recipe by adding bacon, inside and out.  And the TurBACONducken was born.

This premium roast is composed of turkey breast that is wrapped in bacon and layered with boneless, skinless chicken breast meat, boneless, skinless duck breast meat, more bacon inside and stuffed with an Italian sausage mixture. This roast contains no MSG and is also totally boneless (no waste!) and packed with protein. When sliced, each serving provides a cross section of every component ensuring both a visual and taste sensation.

Preparation of this meat-fest is less labor intensive than a stuffed turkey.  Little to no basting is needed.  Defrost your Bacon-wrapped Turducken Roast in the refrigerator for 2-3 days or for rapid thawing place in sink or bucket with cool water for 24 hours. Choose your preferred method of cooking, conventional oven or barbeque, and cook until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F. See package instructions for further details, and remember to move the turducken carefully after cooking to ensure the boneless roast holds its form before carving.

Now what about those side dishes … mashed potatoes, green beans, salad and cornbread.  That should do nicely.

Let me know what dad thinks!

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