Potato Chip Fried Bacon

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Potato Chip Fried Bacon

Potato Chip Fried Bacon

Here at Bacon Today, we spend a lot of time thinking about what sweet dessert we can enjoy our bacon with. It’s not very often that our brains are thinking about what salty foods we can add bacon too, since we’re usually munchkin on some crispy salty bacon. But today is a little different. We got that super-salty craving and found the perfect thing to satisfy it when we were browsing recipe over at OhBiteIt.com.

Her recipe for Potato Chip Fried Bacon was exactly what our mouths wanted, and we knew that there’d be other bacon freaks out there who needed this recipe in their life. Creator of OhBiteIt.com has this to say about her crazy creation:

“Sometimes I just have to laugh~ a soft, almost creepy kind of laugh all to myself, at the fact that I’m not the least bit ashamed of this crazy combo!

I mean..yes, I’m the one who chose to fry this Bacon in a thick coating of umm..Potato Chips… But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m crazy, right??! Just imagine, crispy bacon with a crunchy, salty, and toast coating of our favorite potato snack.”

This recipe only takes a little bit of time to make, but it takes a strong will not to gobble up all that delicious bacon before you get it nice and coated in salty chips.

Potato Chip Fried Bacon

Ingredients You Will Need:

Gourmet Bacon
Potato Chips, crinkled is best
Oil for frying

What are you waiting for? Gather up your bacon and ingredients, then head on over to OhBiteIt.com for simple instructions on how to create these salty, crispy food masterpieces. And if you want to take these dad boys to the next level, drizzle some melted semi-sweet or dark chocolate over them for an extra layer of deliciousness.

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