Persimmon Bacon Baked Brie

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Persimmon Bacon Baked Brie

We recently came across a large bag of persimmons and were not sure a.) what they were and b.) what on earth to do with them. Upon tasting one, we quickly learned that they are super delicious and needed to be utilized on this blog somehow. For those who have not tried a persimmon before, the best way to describe it is the shape of a tomato, the texture of a soft apple, and a mild flavor of pumpkin pie. To sum up, it tastes like Christmas in fruit form.

After a long debate, we finally decided to make a sweet persimmon jam to top a creamy baked brie with chopped bacon and pistachios. So if you’re into food experimentation, bake up one of these Persimmon Bacon Bakes Brie appetizers and let us know what you think of it!



Persimmon Bacon Baked Brie

From the World of Sweet, Sweet Bacon.

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