Bacon Ferrero Rocher Biscotti

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Bacon Ferrero Rocher Biscotti

Bacon Ferrero Rocher Biscotti

Ferrero Rocher are a popular Christmas treat, and biscotti are a popular recipe to make during the holidays. Homemade biscotti are also a great gift, so this recipe combines these holiday traditions in one amazing recipe. We were blown away by this recipe from Bloggers Chelsea and Finn must be mad geniuses to have thought up this incredible combination of sweet and savory ingredients. Grab a pack of Ferrero Rocher at the store then whip up a batch of these Bacon Ferrero Rocher Biscotti. Whether or not you gift them to someone or eat them all yourself is entirely up to you! Follow on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter for more great recipes.

From the world of sweet, sweet bacon.

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