Five Pounds of Bacon BLT

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Five Pounds of Bacon BLT

five 5 pounds lbs bacon BLT sandwich

Behold the epic nature of this beastly BLT! We use the almighty bacon weave and hearty Texas toast to build this massive BLT. The sturdy flatness of the bacon weave is what allows you to build this BLT so very, very tall. Use a bacon press to flatten your weaves if your bacon tends to curl. Created with the true bacon fan in mind, this epic sandwich allows you and several friends and family members to pork out and indulge in an epic bacon experience.

5 lbs. of bacon
2 slices of Texas toast (toasted)
Sriracha Mayo

1. Heat oven to 350° F. Assemble several bacon weaves and cook until you achieve your desired texture (crispy or chewy). Cut the bacon weaves into quarters so that one bacon weave results in four square mini weaves.

2. Toast the bread. Now stack on top of a slice of Texas toast the bacon weave quarters. Keep going and going and going until you reach the top of your tower of bacon. Add tomato slices and some lettuce. You know, for your health.

3. Mix sriracha hot sauce with mayonnaise. Add the sriracha mayo and the last slice of Texas toast. Stick a 12” skewer into the top to hold in place and serve to the people who will now be your friends for life. Devour and enjoy. You’re welcome.

five 5 pounds lbs bacon BLT sandwich

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