8 Interesting Facts About Bacon

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8 Interesting Facts About Bacon

In today’s day and age, when eating healthy is all the rage, bacon often gets a bad rap. However, every argument, just like every piece of bacon, has two sides. Here are 8 interesting facts about bacon you might not know.

1. Hangover Cure

Sure, drinking water after a binge can help cleanse your system, but consuming bacon can also help cure a hangover. The next time you go a little too far in your celebrations, try some good ol’ bacon the next day. It contains amino acids, which can help clear your head.

2. It Can Be Addictive

If you’re a bacon fan, you might have already suspected that it can be addictive. Well, it is. It contains several forms of umami, which produces positive brain reactions. Go too crazy on your consumption, and you might end up in bacon rehab – so tread carefully.

3. It’s Heart Healthy

Foods like salmon and walnuts contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, and so does bacon. While you’re not likely to find it on many lists of heart-healthy foods, it can actually be beneficial. These acids reduce your risk of heart disease.

4. Improves Your Energy Level

Bacon also naturally contains B vitamins, which can help with your energy levels. The next time you get that after-lunch sleepiness, munch on a little bacon. It’s a great way to finish up your work day strong.

5. No Trans Fat

We all know bacon has fat, but at least it doesn’t contain the worst kind—trans fat. That can shoot your cholesterol level through the roof and clog your arteries. You don’t have to worry about it when you’re consuming bacon.

6. It’s Popular in Britain, Too

According to a recent poll, a bacon sandwich was voted Britain’s most popular snack. The English prefer to eat it in the form of a Bacon Sarnie or Bacon Butty—bacon slices loaded onto white bread or baguettes and topped with tomato or brown sauce (ketchup and Worcestershire sauce mixed). Go international next time you make a bacon sandwich—you just might be surprised.

7. Bacon Bits Don’t Contain Bacon

The next time you’re looking to feed your bacon fix, don’t grab the nearest bacon bits jar. You might get bacon flavor, but not the real thing. Some of the main ingredients in bacon bits are soy flour, soy bean oil, salt, and dried yeast. Save these for your vegetarian friends—they’re just not real bacon.

8. Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Bacon can help achieve a healthy pregnancy. It contains choline, a chemical known to benefit fetal brain development.

What other facts do you know about bacon? Share your bacon facts in the comments below!

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