Nacho Doritos Battered Bacon

March 28, 2014 2:00 am Published by 8 Comments

Nacho Doritos Battered Bacon

Nacho Doritos Battered Bacon

Crunchy, cheesy Nacho Doritos®. Open up a bag of those babies and I won’t be able to stop eating them. Coincidentally, I have that same problem with bacon, which pretty much means my mouth is like a black hole to these Nacho Doritos® Battered Bacon strips, forever devouring until there’s none left. I’m not really sure what brought me to the idea of deep frying strips of bacon coated in nacho Doritos, but the moment it happened, I knew I was on the edge of an amazing discovery. And, lucky for me, I was right.

The first bite was like venturing into the time vortex (because who doesn’t know how to time travel?). At first it’s a little scary, but as the flavors jumbled around in my mouth, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the excitement of it. The way that the Doritos saturated themselves in the batter made them taste more like melty cheese than crunchy chips, which clearly is a bonus. Finally, a satisfactory way to eat my bacon covered in CHEESE. These are AWESOME! I mean, come on… Just look at this picture!  first published 3/28/14

Nacho Doritos Battered Bacon

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  • Catherine says:

    I don’t know how u came up with this idea either, but u are FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!

  • The Pope From TV says:

    This just blew my mind. Every ingredient is a staple in my house, we’re trying this immediately.

    • The Pope From TV says:

      Update: I thought equal parts milk and flour seemed too thick for the consistency of regular batter and I was right. The mixture seemed very pasty after all combined but I decided not to dilute the flavor any by adding more milk.

      I coated the bacon with the thick paste and deep fried. I had my oil up much higher than recommended as indicated by burning my first 2 pieces in under 30 seconds (due to lack of cooking thermometer). After I got a handle on frying them only 15 seconds on each side they all turned out perfectly. These were delicious and the bacon turned out so tender. I’m saving this recipe for football season, I plan on venturing out into other Doritos flavors and maybe even hot sauce.

      Thanks a bunch Princess!

    • Thanks for the comments! I’m glad that you got the recipe to work out the way you wanted and that you enjoyed how they turned out. I developed them with the thicker consistency because it made them more crunchy hahaha!

      Let me know how that Doritos Hot Sauce turns out 😉

  • Mike says:

    I love deep fried anything, and get better luck using buttermilk instead of milk. (Fat is flavor). Can’t wait to try this!

  • Emeraude says:

    Elvis at his best.

  • No name chef says:

    OK recipe is extremely difficult for a snack, trying to coat bacon with thick batter is nearly impossible and very messy. I suggest cutting bacon with kitchen scissors into small pieces and mixing with batter, then roll into bite sized balls and fry, much easier and just as tasty!

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