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Living in the world filled with bacon can be a pretty interesting place. Especially when it comes to new and interesting ways companies are incorporating bacon to their products. The ever-growing popularity of bacon has paved the way for these crazy nonsensical products to make their way into shops everywhere, and we can’t complain! Being the dedicated bacon lovers we are, we’re always up for trying out the latest and greatest in all that is bacon. Which is why we’re excited to hear about Scope’s brand new Bacon Mouthwash.

Whether the bacon flavored mouthwash is real or an April Fools’ hoax, we can’t say. Though many are skeptical, we can’t deny that this announcement doesn’t make us excited. I mean, how wonderful would it be to have a mouthwash that gives you the tantalizing smokey flavor of bacon in your mouth as you swish it around in your mouth? It’s the perfect addition to Bacon Toothpaste and Bacon Dental Floss. Alas, the bacon dental threesome( I need a different word here!!) has been completed!


With it’s own dedicated website, you tube video, and twitter hashtag, Scope Bacon Mouthwash has dedicated a lot of time and effort to promote itself to bacon lovers everywhere. has this to say about the product:

Scope Bacon is the newest addition to our line of products. It tastes like bacon, while still killing 99.9% of bad breath germs. And, it keeps your breath minty fresh 5 times longer than brushing alone.

Does Scope Bacon make my breath smell like bacon?
No. Scope Bacon just tastes like bacon while you swish, but leaves your breath smelling minty fresh 5 times longer than brushing alone.

Is Scope Bacon a sufficient replacement for my breakfast?
No. Scope Bacon contains zero nutritional value and does not serve as an acceptable substitute for food.

Should I use Scope Bacon before or after breakfast?
We recommend using Scope Bacon after breakfast.

Does Scope Bacon contain real bacon?
No. No pigs are harmed during the making of Scope Bacon. The bacon taste you’ll find in Scope Bacon is a perfectly healthy synthetic flavoring.

How is Scope Bacon made?
A synthetic bacon flavoring is infused in the unflavored mouthwash formula at a specific time in the manufacturing process.

So, while you can see how exciting this product is to us, we’re still waiting to hear the good or bad news as to whether we’ll be able to have that bacon-fresh flavor in our mouths. Who knew that the flavor of bacon could be so refreshing.

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