Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods Writes a Book

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And not just any book. “Andrew Zimmern’s Field Guide to Exceptionally Weird, Wild and Wonderful Foods” is a compilation of crazy eats around the world, filled with additional fun little facts and trivia relating to each food item. While this book was created for children to enjoy; adults will get a kick out of all the oddities that people like to devour. It’s an educational tour of the wacky. While kids may learn a few things, adults can absorb some interesting trivia they can dish out while at a cocktail party and there’s a lull in the conversation.

“Hey! Did you know that Headcheese is a meat jelly made from the head of a calf, pig, or sheep typically served in aspic? Oh, by the way… are you going to eat your martini olive?”

Zimmern definitely covers many different weird, wild, and wonderful foods. His food topics range from mild to the wild. Things such as Donkey, Brains, Chitlins, Cow’s Blood, Dung Beetles, Garlic Ice Cream, Haggis, and even to the stomach churning Maggot Cheese. (Yes, it’s actually a cheese with maggots inside that people really do eat.)

We had the pleasure of receiving a copy of this super cool book because one of Bacon Today’s photos of the famous Turbaconducken is in it! This is where the wonderful part of the book title comes into play. While you couldn’t pay us to eat that Maggot Cheese, we’re completely on board with that Turbaconducken.

You should definitely get your own copy of this book and walk on the wild side of food with Andrew Zimmern. He’ll show you the ropes.

To win a free copy, email the weirdest food you’ve ever heard of here:

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