Bacon Poetry

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Here are some lovely poems about bacon from those who love bacon! You should create your own!

Delicious nitrates
I can feel my heart clogging
Quadruple bypass

-Alex Addley

There once was a pig from Peru,
Who said, “I love bacon, too.
I know it’s a sin, but I can’t help but give in,
Bacon just makes me go WOO!”

-Mary Bukowski

Bacon, bacon on my mind
Will you give me a big behind?
NO I say, this can’t be true
Fatty pork is good for you
So when you walk that market aisle
A package of bacon should make you smile
Be not afraid of it on your plate
Your mood, you see, will elevate
Bacon. Bacon on my mind
In the fridge you are enshrined!

-Russ Driver

The bacon sizzles
and greasy ambassadors
fall upon the stove.

-Joe Murphy

Bacon you are divine
Even though I fear a size 59

But still, I gobble up your meat
Then hit the gym in caloric defeat

Oh bacon, how I love your juicy strips
Is all this fat going straight to my hips?

I don’t care what everyone will think
Bacon, you are perfect with a drink

It’s 5’oclock somewhere don’t you see?
And bacon is the perfect date for me

As I sit here with a bacon shot
I can’t help but ponder the thought

You are what you eat they say,
Will I turn into a hog someday?

-Brianne Rivlin

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Bacon is awesome
Unless you’re a Jew

-Aaron Cutting

The Problem With Bacon

Is the damned sodium.
My high blood pressure pills
sit exactly one foot away
as a reminder that bacon needs
to be out of the equation.

I do not always abide by these rules.

Sometimes, I will slip a couple
of those dark red slices on a turkey sandwich,
just for a little extra flavor,
just for the thought of being a little defiant.

And certainly, some bacon pieces from a jar
on the top of some frozen pizza can’t hurt me.
It has less fat than pan fried,
or so the jar tells me.

Turkey bacon is a nice alternative.
It does get quite crispy
and almost matches the aroma.
However, the texture isn’t quite the same.
The experience is not as satisfying.

There isn’t really a problem with bacon,
except that I could never really give it up.
It has me firmly in its salty,
maple cured grasp.

-Kendall A. Bell

Sweet sweet slab of meat
There’s someone you should meet
It’s my mouth, sucka

The meat sizzles now
Bubbling in that hot pan
Get in my mouth, now!

The pig is now dead
That thing should be sainted though
Heavens me, bacon!

The perfect dinner
The thick steak wrapped in bacon
Then wrapped in bacon

The perfect breakfast
Bacon omelet with bacon
With side of bacon

The perfect lunch is?
A BLT with more B
Then a lot more B

Give me some fatback
That sounds a little porn-y
Gimme some. Gimme

Sodium nitrate
It courses through my body
Eating pig carcass

It’s happy hour
Get me some bacon wrapped dates
and bacon vodka

-Jonathan Shipley

With words I cannot express
That without bacon we’re under duress

Pork uniting us equally
With a love that’s delightfully

Positive and exuberant
Bacon is a hate deterrent

Salty, crunchy and addicting
It’s utterly delicious and uplifting

-Brianne Rivlin

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